Histoire de VIIème Congrès d' Etudes Basques. Biarritz, 1948

VII Basque Studies Congress: 1948 Biarritz.

Larronde Aguerre, Jean-Claude

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The VII Basque Studies Congress took place in Biarritz from 12th to 19th September of 1948. It is the first Congress held by the exile community and unquestionably the one which has been the most important and which was the greatest success. There were quality scientific projects and, in any event, there was quite a considerable quantity of them (260 communications!). The Basque Government-in-exile´s implication in the organisation of the Congress and a strong participation of Basque intellectuals in America provoked the ample repercussion of this Congress.

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