Internet as a source and as a method for the transmission of historical knowledgde. Information on Contemporary History

XIV Basque Studies Congress:  Donostia, Bilbo, Gasteiz, Iruñea, Baiona, Madril, 1997. Society of Information

Díaz Noci, Javier

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The Internet is an immense source of information, in which a certain specialisation and a hierarchy are becoming even more necessary in order to satisfy the needs of a communicative market which is progressively splitting into interest sectors. One of them is Contemporary History. A wide range of Universities, departments, institutes, magazines and other entities related to this topic have already set up their webpages in Internet, and their typology is briefly analysed here. It is thus possible to describe certain characteristics that, in our judgement any website specialised in Contemporary History would have to fulfil, or at least could fulfil. Such sites would make maximum use of the possibilities of the digital issue for the sake of a new form of transmiting academic knowledge.
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