Internet eta entzumen urritasuna: ikuspegi kritikoa

XV Basque Studies Congress: Donostia-Baiona 2001. SBasque Science and culture and computer networks

Amondarain, Mikel ; Correa, José Miguel

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Within the Technologies of the Society of Information (TSI), the Internet is another new means in which those with hearing deficiencies yet again have to cope with the barrier of accessibility. Our case study was a group of 9 early secondary (ESO) students, with hearing deficiencies, who go to the Aransgui school in Bergara. We have verified that the students have computer and Internet knowledge, and that they use the Internet. However, no significant form of browsing was observed. They thus assume a passive role in computer synchronic communication that we attribute to the problems in linguistic proficiency.
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