Jolasetik musikara: Hots tresnak eta jostailuak (erakusketa); Hots, erritmo eta musika jolasak (tailerra)

Jokoak, Kirolak eta Folklore-Ikerketa. Jardunaldiak. Basauri, 2008 / Juegos, Deportes e Investigación Folclórica. Jornadas. Basauri, 2008

Beltrán Argiñena, Juan Mari

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Music frequently strikes us as a form of recreational game. When that happens, ; depending on age, the environment and other kinds of conditions, many kinds ; of toys for playing with turn into sound tools, sound toys or sound instruments. ; Through time, a great variety of musical and rhythmic forms of recreational games ; produced with sound toys or instruments have fulfilled many different, important functions, and continue to do so today for the entertainment, training, education and life of adults and children, worldwide popular culture being just a part of this.
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