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José Ignacio Tellechea Idígoras

José Ignacio Tellechea Idígoras

Author[s]: José Ignacio Tellechea Idígoras

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In few pages summarises the life in its successive stages of learning, teaching and research. With respect to the first stage and after the first scribblings of infancy, the author extensively describes his stay in the Seminar in Vitoria (Humanities, Philosophy, Theology), in the Gregorian University of Rome (Theology, History of the Church) and in the Complutense University in Madrid (History). He describes the advantages of his situation as a librarian (Vitoria) and as an assiduous visitor of the Vatican Library and others in Rome. Ha taught at the Seminar at San Sebastián and in the Hispano - Americano School in Madrid (semesters), and later in the Faculty of Theology in Vitoria and in the Pontifical University in Salamanca (32 years). Even before he began teaching (1956-1999), he started to publish his works (1949), a task through which he was able to make his research known: about a hundred books and a hundred articles. He also took part in numerous Congresses, Scientific Homages and Conferences. After retiring from teaching, he tirelessly continued with his research work.




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