La innovación tecnológica en las empresas de las comunidades autónomas del País Vasco y Navarra

La innovación tecnológica en las empresas de las Comunidades Autónomas del País Vasco y Navarra

Buesa, Mikel
; Navarro, Mikel
; Zubiaurre, Arantxa

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The study focus on the analysis of the technological innovation of firms in Bas-que Country and Navarra. For that purpose, after showing the recent developtment of structural and evolutive theories of technological change where we base our research (section 1), we used the data of the questionaire accomplished by the research team for reaching the results (section 2). Thus, first we determine the structural profile and competitive position of these firms; afterwards, we analyze the source of the technology used, the innovative activities developped, the results accomplished and it.s way of appropiation; finally, we study the role that technological centres and technological politics play in that. The research ends with the description of the methodology applied.
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