La tecnología de la información y la cultura de las organizaciones educativas

XIV Basque Studies Congress:  Donostia, Bilbo, Gasteiz, Iruñea, Baiona, Madril, 1997. Society of Information

Ruiz i Tarrago, Ferrán

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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As any other type of collective entity, educational organisations have their own characteristic culture, which is conditioned as much by their mission in public service as by their statutory objectives, their methods of work, their professional profiles and the demands of the environment. The accelerated data processing experimented by societies and developed over the last few years has strongly influenced the culture, the structure and the operation of all types of institutions. The report will analyse the structure of the educational organisation and the nature of Information Technology (IT), as the starting points to consider the perspectives of IT integration in culture, the purpose and structure of the contemporary education.
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