La transformación física y simbólica del paisaje urbano bilbaíno desde el arte como herramienta al servicio del neoliberalismo

Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía, 40 [on line]

Varona Sánchez, Iñigo

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián
9-36 p. : il. ; 24 cm. - (Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía ; 40)
1137-439X; eISSN: 2243-9940

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The process of urban transformation in Bilbao goes through the assimilation of a globalised neoliberal economic model. We propose a materialist aesthetic analysis of the landscape to reveal how art and creativity play an important role in this hegemonic process. In the new Bilbao, art and large cultural infrastructures are a fundamental tool not only for the production of space under capitalist logics, but also for the construction of a new bourgeois public sphere that invisibilises class conflicts under a new dominant common sense.

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