Lenguas y dialectos, unificación del euskara y otros ejemplos de unificación en Europa

XI Basque Studies Congress: Donostia 1991. New cultural formulas: The Basque Country and Europe

Pagola Petrirena, Rosa Miren

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Linguistic unity in a State is an exception. It has always been a trend to relate this unity to political and geographical unity, therefore in some instances unofficial languages are not protected, attempts even being made to make them disappear ; in other cases there is an official language but the other languages are also respected, and in a third instance a linguistic equality is established. In the case of the Basque language, since there are several dialects, normalization of the language is sought by adopting a dialect, the one spoken in Gipuzkoa, as it is clearer and be in a central geographic position
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