Libros vascos en la Biblioteca de la Fundación "Lázaro Galdiano", en Madrid

X Basque Studies Congress: Pamplona 1987. Archives, Libraries and Museums

Rubio de Urquía, Guadalupe

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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Basque Books fulfil one or more of the following requirements: they are written by a Basque, on Basque topics, have been published in a Basque vicinity, and furthermore, have been written in the Basque language (which not applicable inthis case). The works described are from the XVI century and a bibliographical review is made of each one of them. They are works of Juan de Iciar, Martín de Azpilueta, Juan Huarte, Alonso de Ercilla, Andrés de Poza, Diego de Alava, Esteban de Garibay and Ludovico Ariosto
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