Los extranjeros en Bizkaia en la Edad Moderna: Algunos casos reseñables

Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, 44 [on line]

Cifuentes Pazos, José Manuel

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BIBLID [1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539 (2020), 44; 5-34]
1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539

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Analyzing the records of proof of nobility and cleansing of foreigners’ blood in order to settle in Bizkaia in the Modern Age (1523-1814) according to the records of the Historical Archive of Bizkaia represent about to 250 people. The majority group of foreigners who wanted to settle permanently consisted of the French, who constituted more than half (approximately 55%), followed by the Irish (25%), Flemish (10%), English (4%) and already in lower percentages Italians, Dutch, Germans and others. The vast majority of them were engaged in commerce, especially the residents of Bilbao, who were clearly the majority. To a much lesser extent, other skilled and artisan professions appear.

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