Los veinte años de Iparraguirre en la República del Uruguay

VII Basque Studies Congress: 1948 Biarritz.

Fernández Saldaña, J.M.

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Fernández Saldaña rememorates José María of Iparraguirre´s American period (1858-1877). He disembarked in Buenos Aires, married Angela Querejeta the following year and marched to Uruguay where he worked as a shepherd and then ran a cafe. These experiences turned out to be disastrous from the economic point of view. Iparraguirre - who never stopped singing in Basque - had six daughters and two sons. But nostalgia of his homeland overcame him, and thanks to a subscription opened by the Basques from America he was able to return to the Basque Country and stay there for the last four years of his life.
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