Mesa Redonda: Reinvención de las ciudades y el Desarrollo Sostenible

XVI Basque Studies Congress: Bilbao, 2005. Sustainable development - IT. the future

Valle Murga, Teresa del ; Hernández Pezzi, Carlos ; Pujadas Muñoz, Joan J. ; Rueda Palen Zuela, Salvador ; Salazar Rückauer, Javier

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The idea is to have a dialogue-debate from interdisciplinary positions. There will be participation by speakers on the following topics: Is it possible to speak of social sustainability, new urban planning and a new building policy? Which would be innovative examples in the articulation of sustainability with urban development? Priorities to take into account in urban policies. The citizenry´s place. How to confront the heterogeneity of sectors of the population with new directives derived from the new demands for communication and de-localisation?
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