Multimedia telematics

XIV Basque Studies Congress:  Donostia, Bilbo, Gasteiz, Iruñea, Baiona, Madril, 1997. Society of Information

Rodríquez-Roselló, Luis

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The challenge derived from the transformation of the industrial society towards a society of information and knowledge, together with the globalization of the economy is the ever-growing dependency on all the economic and industrial activities wich revolve around technologies of information and communication. The R+D activities in the EU in this context attempt to provide a European dimension to the different aspects involved: from basic technologies and infrastructures up to applications for citizens and companies. The objective is the articulation with other policies of the European Union that make it possible to satisfy, in an integrated way, the citizens´ demand for general advanced and high-quality services at the European level, for companies, consumers and workers, in order to innovate the methods of trade and production. The anticipated actions also enables a European leadership in the production of contentsand services based on the new multimedia technologies, through the crystallization of the immense potential of creativity based on our human and cultural resources.
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