Nuestros juegos y deportes de antaño. Sociedad y educación en el presente

Jokoak, Kirolak eta Folklore-Ikerketa. Jardunaldiak. Basauri, 2008 / Juegos, Deportes e Investigación Folclórica. Jornadas. Basauri, 2008

Dueñas, Emilio Xabier

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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One of the first activities of the human being after being born is play, an activity which accompanies us throughout our lives: we enjoy playing, we relate with one another, we grow both physically and mentally and we compete while playing. Both in play as in sport, there is an attempt to preserve ancient social and ritual forms, which are conveniently updated by means of teaching methods that are at the service of each culture.
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