Orígenes de la vida claustral en el País Vasco

I Basque Studies Congress: Oñate 1918. Bajo el patrocinio de las Diputaciones Vascas

Lizarralde, José Adriano de

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Religious orders are the most patriotic of institutions and possibly the franciscan order exerted the biggest influence in the Basque Country. Convents seem to have started on the gathering of several women to lead a life of penance and charity life in homes for pious women. Thereinafter these were accepted by the various religious orders (franciscans, augustines, dominicans and a few others). When the order of claustration was issued by the Pope, some pious did not abide by it as they were lacking a means of subsistence or because the homes were used as schools and colleges

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