Piarres Larzabal (1915-1988) eta antzerki identitarioa

Oihenart. Cuadernos de Lengua y Literatura

Etxeberria Muxika, Ixabel

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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This paper examines the main features of Piarres Larzabal´s plays. Furthermore, the bases of the works themselves and the aims underpinning the writing of them will also be looked at. It was thanks to Piarres Larzabal that playwriting took a big step forward; it branched out from the sphere of comedies and performances designed to make people laugh, to the fields of reflection and demands. Quality drama was established in the Northern (Continental) Basque Country owing to the encouragement given by P. Larzabal to transform it from comedy into identitary drama.
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