The contribution of the Basque men to the Philippines

VII Basque Studies Congress: 1948 Biarritz.

Rodríguez, Eulogio B.

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The director of the National Philippines Library, Eulogio B. Rodríguez, indicates that many Philippine surnames are of Basque origin; in the era of Spanish colonial dominance, most navy officers were Basque and one of the provinces in the country is called New Biscay. The author then quotes several Basques who played an important role in the history of the Philippine islands: Miguel López of Legazpi, one of the main characters during the coloniliasation; Governor Simón de Anda y Salazar, Guido de Lavezares and Gabriel de Curuzeleagui y Arriola; or the Franciscan monk Melchor Oyanguren, who was the author of important religious texts.
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