Tierra de misión: De la dificultad de implantación del primer Nacionalismo Vasco en el Bidasoa (1897-1923)

Vasconia. Cuadernos de Historia-Geografía, 41 [on line]

Zabaleta Garcia, Mikel

Publication year:
Publication place:
BIBLID [1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539 (2017), 41; 61-101]
1136-6834, eISSN 2386-5539

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The introduction of the first Basque Nationalism in the municipalities of Irun and Hondarrabia– both in the district of Bidasoa – was different from the rest of the province of Guipuzcoa, both due to the way it was carried out and to the resistance it encounted. The delay in its introduction is the subject of this article. The hypothesis of this work is that the delay was mainly due to internal factors which hampered the role played by the first of Sabino Arana’s followers. When the military coup of Primo de Rivera carry out in 1923, the Basque Nationalism had a low level of organisation in the Bidasoa, which would affect its later development.

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