Un ejemplo de arquitectura industrial en la Guipúzcoa del siglo XVIII : la Real Fábrica de Armas de Placencia

Cuadernos de Sección. Artes plásticas y monumentales

Astiazarain Achabal, María Isabel

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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In Philip Il´s time the Soraluce villa in Placencia was estabilished as a centre for checking, testing and dispatching weapons. That´s Why the so-called Royal House (Errege-Etxe) on the left bank of the river Deva was fit out, provided of lodgings for the king´s representatives who were in charge of the factory. Different jobs were established within this centre, and by means of an examination a profesional qualification level of master gunsmith was created. We dispose of data concerning their production for different years, especially at the end of the XVIIIth century, enabling an estimate of the number of people working there. We also know about the division into guilds, about their function and their specific jobs, and we even dispose of the design of some of the items they produced. Graphic documentation of the house and the warehouses, drawn by Iñigo Espada, is shown, stating the conditions of the building in 1751, and showing a structural analysis of it. Half a century later, Miguel Antonio Jáuregui put forward a project to raise another adjacent installation, whose distribution layout ils shown, Jáuregui´s plan didn´t come off, but another one was carried out between 1804 and 1809, being demolished afterwards in 1976
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