Una forma del femenino y el valor de la letra "ch" como diminutivo en los nombres de los guipuzcoanos de los siglos XV y XVI

Revista Internacional de los Estudios Vascos. RIEV, 24, 2

Valle Lersundi, Fernando del

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In 15th and 16th century Gipuzkoa the suffix "-iza" was being used to make the feminine of names like Ochoiza, Beltraniza, Periza, etc. One of the names that appeared was Chopeiza, which would be the feminine of Chope. The author discovers that the "ch" is a diminutive that provokes the existence of names like Chandres, Chana, Charia, Anchon, Michel, Perucho, etc. and it can be prefixed, suffixed or substitute the second syllable of the name
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