Unas notas sobre historia urbanística

Trabajos sobre Ordenación y Gestión del Territorio de Euskal Herria, 1

Unzurrunzaga Galdós, Ernesto

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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This article provides some ideas, some necessarily generic notes on the history of urban planning, structured in chapters on ancient towns, medieval towns, the period of the renaissance and the baroque and, finally, the industrial town. The author has tried to pay the greatest possible attention to the historical origin of concepts and topics that have to do with urban and territorial planning and to the way in which these disciplines have been treated in each era and in each civilisation . The author also has attempted to relate this history of urban planning with social and economic history and, in each chapter, together with a general overview of the era, the author has dedicated some space to establishing its impact on the Basque Country.
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