Contests and meetings on the way to the XIX Congress

XIX congress


Contests and meetings on the way to the XIX Congress

After its presentation on January 26, with significant media impact, different initiatives will "warm up their engines" ahead of the autumn Congress.

The main media outlets reported on the press conference in which President Ana Urkiza and the President of the 19th Congress, Patxi Juaristi, presented the guidelines and objectives. " Eusko Ikaskuntza, Euskal Herriaren kohesiorako herri itun baten bila "; " Eusko Ikaskuntza seeks concrete proposals for social and territorial cohesion "; " Eusko Ikaskuntza addresses the need for an agreement for the cohesion of Euskal Herria ", are some of the headlines with which the written press highlighted the news. Likewise, since then, space has been given to the congress in different interviews in the press and radio.

On the other hand, Eusko Ikaskuntza has designed different actions throughout the year to publicize the XIX Congress and awaken interest in its contents.


On the one hand, it will launch contests and raffles on social networks throughout the year. To start, the last week of February we will launch a contest on the Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts of Eusko Ikaskuntza, linked to an element related to Congress. On the three networks, with the hashtag #ElkartzenGaituena, ask a certain question and raffle attractive prizes among those who participate. In February, the prize will consist of a stay at the Jardines de Uleta hotel for two people with breakfast included. We encourage you to follow the hashtag and the instructions that we will communicate in this regard.

On the other hand, it has organized the reflection sessions called Beer-pentsatu around the 3 axes that will be worked on in the Congress, in a format close to society that allows contributions and concerns to be heard in an agile way. To do this, a small group (15-20 people) will meet willing to listen and share reflections. It is presented as a casual conversation in a bar while consuming some drinks and, given that capacity is limited, it will be necessary to register in advance (only those who receive confirmation will be able to participate). You will soon notice upcoming appointments in the calendar section of the website.

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