Eusko Ikaskuntza will have kilometers in the Korrika

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Eusko Ikaskuntza will have kilometers in the Korrika

Korrika 2024 will start on March 14 in Irun and end ten days later in Baiona.

Eusko Ikaskuntza will be represented by its highest territorial officials in the festive presentations that will take place in Pamplona (Navarra Theater School) on February 29 and in Bilbao (Itsasmuseum) on March 6.

In addition, the Company has acquired kilo meters in Donostia (in front of the London Hotel, on Zubieta Street, on the way to Avenida de la Libertad) on Saturday, March 23, and the following day in its final section in Baiona (stade Didier Deschamps), in the latter case jointly with the Oreka association. In the case of Donostia it will be km 2581, which will pass at approximately 8:40 p.m., while in Baiona it will be km 2775, and it is planned to travel it at around 11:41 a.m.

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