2040 urtea, iguripenen jomugan

XVIII Congreso de Estudios Vascos El futuro que nos (re)une: Congreso del Centenario. Baiona, Gasteiz, Iruña, Bilbo, Donostia, Oñati, 2018

Kasares, Paula

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276-279 p. ; 27 cm. - (Congreso ; 18)

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With Basque speakers as our subject of reflection, there is something which can be foreseen: in three decades’ time, around 2040, today’s young people will be multilingual adults.What will make today’s young people choose Basque in the future? Reflection on that question has given rise to more questions than it has led to conclusions with regard to the value with society places on Basque and identities which can be based on Basque. Reinforcing subjective experiences in order to inform today’s young people’s language choices has been suggested, particularly when it comes to cultural production and technology, recognising that children are not so much the inheritors of the language as the creators of its future.

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