Aportaciones a la Onomástica medieval de la Alta y Baja Navarra (s. XIV)

Terceras Jornadas de Lingüística Vasco-Románica: teoría y análisis = Euskara-Erromantze Linguistikaren III.  Jardunaldiak: teoria eta analisia [on line]

Cierbide Martinena, Ricardo

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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In conformity with the Diplomatic Collection that has been consulted (Pes de Laxaga). Commentaries on a 16th century Lower Navarre nobleman. A series of names reserved to the monarchy and to nobility are observed, such as Carlos, Lancelot,Lonnell, Charles, Francés, etc. In general those derived from hagionyms, such as Peroand its variants, Johan, Bertholomeo and Matheo which are very frequent. In Lower Navarre those of Germanic origin, such as Arnau, Guillem, Bernart, etc.; are very frequent, as are also Gascon diminutives such as Perot, Ogerot, Bertranet, Chanet, Carlet, etc., and the Basque Marico, Peruco, Michelco, Urtungo, etc. with respect to official names, these are similar on both sides of the Pyrenees.
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