Biodibertsitatearen jarraipena insignis pinuko (Pinus radiata) landaketan

Naturzale. Cuadernos de Ciencias Naturales

San Sebastián González de Langarika, Mikel

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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As a result of the surface area they cover, pinus insignisplantations can have a great influence on land biodiversity. The forest management carried out on this land is very intensive and, consequently, involves highly processed systems. In this research, we have measured the diversity of pine forests throughout the different phases of the age of plantations and on different soils and slopes, monitoring the development of forest communities and taking into account diversity indicators, such as the forest structure and deadwood. As a result, we observed differences between these pine woods and autochthonous forests, which would indicate some deficiencies regarding the biodiversity which can be seen in large areas of pine trees, at landscape level.
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