Biotecnología y agricultura sostenible

Naturzale. Cuadernos de Ciencias Naturales

Fernández-Anero, Francisco Javier
; Costa, Jaime

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The foods that we eat, the clothes that we dress and the air that we bre a t h e depend on a sound vegetable world. Monsanto is developing new technologies and activities to improve the natural capacities of plants. The rapid adoption and extremely high d e g ree of satisfaction of the farmers with our bio-technological cultivations, clearly indicate the value that is to be found in such products. They can improve the economic yield of their agricultural developments and use practices that are more favorable for the environment. In Monsanto we believe that vegetable bio-technology is not only a new and useful technology for farmers, but a great promise for satisfying the global increase of the demand of foods, p romoting the adoption of a sustainable agriculture
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