Conservación y restauración

Cuadernos de Sección. Artes plásticas y monumentales

Martiarena, Xabier

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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This is meant to be a brief explanation of the decaying progress of works of art and the action of the agents producing it, such as moisture, light, salts, etc., as well as to give a description of this altering and damaging process. As works of art are made of or applied onto different materials, we´ll verify how those destructives agents affect the natural features of certain materials, sucha as wood, cloth or stone. Preversing and restoring are two creative activities, linked to cachother, both intending to save our History and Art-Heritage. We´ll describe their theoretic basis, what either of them consists of, what their function is and the actual techiniques which are used to achieve this aim. At present we dispose of auxiliary techiniques, both for research methods (X-rains, infrared rays, etc.) as for laboratory methods (chromatography, etc. which are esential for the restoring
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