Eibar 1346-1996. Ekarpen historikoak. Aportaciones históricas

Eibar 1346-1996. Ekarpen historikoak. Aportaciones históricas

Author[s]: Barrena, Elena; Urrutikoetxea, José; Iparragirre, Gotzon; Luengo, Félix; Miranda, Paloma

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The projects that we are submitting here are the result of very different lines of research, but all they have in common the fact that they make considerable headway in the real and scientific knowledge of the past of the town of Eibar. From the origins of the town and the circumstances around its foundation up to the wanderings of two rejected persons from Eibar who served the Turks, a fact reported by the Paloma Miranda who recently passed away. An overview is made of the agricultural world, family, hamlet and the people from Eibar who had economic and political power between the years of the Revolution of 1868 and the Second Carlist War. Also included are the impressions of the French sociologist Jacques Valdour, who studied the life of the workers of the Bilbao quarter of La Arboleda of Eibar in 1912 and 1913.




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