El euskera en el alto Aragón

Cuadernos de Sección. Hizkuntza eta Literatura

Lacasta Estaun, Gartzen

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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The object of this work is to point out a number of affinities existing between the neighbouring cultural areas of Hig Aragon and the Basque Country. The core of the study is the possible reflex that one particular group of Basque etyma, taken at random, might have produced onto the toponymia of the higlands of Áragon. This is by no means a thorough test ; one could always bring forward a further number of toponyms whose Basque lending character seems quite evident. Another series of fenomena o different kinds let us undersee that the toponomastic concurrencies are not at all an isolated case. We begin by gathering the oppinions of well known philologists on the importantce of the toponymia of the higlands of Aragon as to leading to the knowledge of a Protobasque languages, or to that of those languages previous to romanization that must have been spoken in the Pyrinean valleys.
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