El impacto de las nuevas tecnologías en los servicios financieros

XIV Basque Studies Congress:  Donostia, Bilbo, Gasteiz, Iruñea, Baiona, Madril, 1997. Society of Information

Valiño, José

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The deep changes that are taking place in the financial sector will be accelerated by various factors: external (the Euro, globalization), and internal (customer demand and "technological acceleration"). Banking in the future will develop in two large processes of intermediation: the financial process and the information process. Technological acceleration will force the financial sector to follow three large directions: Multichannel Management Banking, Information Banking (massive personalisation) and "on line" Banking. As in other many occasions, this is both a challenge and an opportunity, and we are optimistic about the future positioning of the sector.
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