El yacimiento arqueológico de Irikaitz (Zestoa, Gipuzkoa). Aportaciones al conocimiento del Paleolítico antiguo en Euskal Herria

XV Basque Studies Congress: Donostia-Baiona 2001. SBasque Science and culture and computer networks

Arrizabalaga, Álvaro ; Iriarte Chiapusso, María José

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The Basque Country is located in an area of transit between the Iberian Peninsula and the European continent. During the 20th century there have been numerous findings of industrial activityin the late Palaeolithic in the north of the country. More recently, the occupation to the south of the Pyrinees have also been detected, in deposits that contain occasional stratographic testimonies. Among the latter, it is worth pointing out the deposit in Irikatz (Zestoa, Gipuzkoa), with diggings underway as from 1998. The four excavation campaigns carried out up to the present allow for the description of level IV, which we can provisionally date back to the last interglacial period.
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