Euskal lurraldeen berezko sistema judiziala. Iraganaren eta etorkizunaren arteko zubia marrazteko erronka

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Imaz Zubiaur, Leire

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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For centuries the Basque territories have had their own judicial system within the multidisciplinary foral regime; this was based on the clear leading role of "home-grown" judges who interpreted and applied the general regulation included in the fueros. In the Northern Basque territories, the fueros were abolished with the French Revolution in 1789; those of the Southern lands, however, by the Fuero Abolition Act of 21 July 1876. According to the autonomous model recognised by the Spanish Constitution of 1978, the Southern Basque territories only conserve the right to appeal or revise before the High Courts of Justice.
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