Gargallo Hermanos. Participación de la firma donostiarra en la tarea de decoración del Ayuntamiento de Valladolid (1908)

Ondare. Cuadernos de Artes Plásticas y Monumentales

Ordóñez Vicente, María Misericordia

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián


In 1907 the workshop "Gargallo Hermanos" designed the decoration of the two most important spaces in the New Town Hall of Valladolid. The members spanned various auxiliary branches of construction. In the projects it is possible to appreciate the detailed study of the space to be decorated, as the function of each room, within the whole, is definitive in following either one artistic orientation or ; another. They carried out historic research, selecting the relevant episodes through which the quality of the artistic elements is understood.
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