Ikastola, lan kolektiboa, andereñoen memorian

XVII Basque Studies Congress: Gasteiz, 2009. Innovation for sustainable social progress

Arregi Goenaga, Frantziska
; Auzmendi Aldasoro, Nekane
; Etxeberria Sagastume, Feli

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The Basque Country´s education system would be incomprehensible without understanding and knowing how the Ikastola (Basque-medium school) came about, because the process to set it up and develop it is a living aspect of our society. Here we take a look at how the Ikastola set about expanding its project in the 1960s, and how it was the result of cooperation among school mistresses, parents, Basque language loyalists and other organisations in the towns and cities. The expansion of the Ikastola took place throughout the 1960s by continuing the project started previously around Elbira Zipitria during difficult years. We have made use of the collective memory of those school mistresses who took part in that building process to find out how the Ikastola movement was born, spread and established its roots at that time.
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