Justizira sarbidea Aarhus hitzarmenaren bidetik. Herri-akzioa, errealitatea edo utopia oraindik?

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Senosiain Ortega, Virginia

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián


The Aarhus Convention was signed in 1998, and one of its main contributions is to regard resorting to the courts in the environmental sphere as an actio popularis. Fourteen years later, we will be analysing the content of the actio popularis of the Aarhus Convention while also referring to the "citizen enforcement" system in the United States. We will then be going on to analyse how the European Union and the Spanish regulations deal with this actio popularis. Finally, we will be considering the current situation of this tool as proclaimed by the Convention.
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