La cultura de la pobreza en la vida conventual clariana femenina: Santa María de la Bretonera y la Santísima Trinidad de Bidaurreta

Poder, pensamiento y cultura en el Antiguo Régimen. Actas de la 1ª Semana de Estudios Históricos Noble Villa de Portugalete

Lanzagorta Arco, Mª José

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Santa María de la Bretonera, in Belorado, and the monastery of Santísima ; Trinidad de Bidaurreta, in Oñati are two feminine convents from the 16th -18th ; centuries. Both can be included within the characteristics of their geographical and historical surroundings, one in Castille, and other in the Basque Country. How they carry out the acquisition of their estates, how they procure their possessions, and what became of these with the passing of centuries, these are all problems that are approached in this study: the economic history of these two important convents in the history of the Church during the Ancient Regime.
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