Labirintoaren Arkitekturak

Oihenart. Cuadernos de Lengua y Literatura [on line]

Zulaika, Joseba

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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If we dared to design architecture in accordance with our soul, Nietzsche wrote, our model would be the maze. And in the centre of the labyrinth would be the Minotaur. Times of mazes do not require the harmony of Greek temples, but destruction and torsion instead. This is why, in Bilbao, Gehry´s architectural twists and Serra´s ovoid sculptures are adequate. Both combine perfectly with the environments of elliptical plazas and ovoid sculptures in Bilbao, as it is not the round, but the ovoid shapes that make the urban geography of modern Bilbao so distinguishable.
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