Senpereko Kantu Xaharrak

Senpereko Kantu Xaharrak

Author[s]: Oxtikenekoak Kultur Elkartea

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The Senperoko Kantu Xaharrak collection (ancient songs from Saint-Pée-sur Nivelle) is a collective work. That is to say that the work carried out in common and sponsored by the Ostikenekoak Elkartea association has managed to collect this beautiful harvest of seventy-five different songs in this booklet. Both ancient and unpublished notebooks have been used, together with already published booklets (Eskualdun kantariak, 1922) have been used for this work and also songs that still survive in the collective memory of the people. Patri Urkizu has written the foreword and it has sorted out all this material, classifying the verses by topics. Among them, the majority of the verses, as is usual, are love poems and humorous -satirical verses. However, the ballads located in the central part of the collection and those devoted to war and to politics, at the end of the same are also worthy of taking into account. The transcription of the melody of the verses is the work of Patxi Intxaurrandieta and of people from both sides of the Bidasoa, senpertarras and lezoarras. This invaluable songbook is completed with photographs of singers from Senpere. It constitutes an anticipation of the Euskal Kanta Guztiak collection that is now being prepared by Eusko Ikaskuntza.




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