Usages locaux relatifs à la conservation du bien familial dans le Canton de Saint-Etienne-de Baïgorry

VII Basque Studies Congress: 1948 Biarritz.

Etcheverry-Ainchart, Jean

Publication year:
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Donostia-San Sebastián

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In order to transmit the "etxe" to the son - whether first-born or not - that was elected to support it, there are a series of legal procedures that are examined by the notary of Saint-Etienne-de-Baigorry, Jean Etcheverry-Ainchar. The intention of such procedures is to soften the inflexibility of the Civil Code established on the equality of heirs and the strict application of which would mean the splitting up of propertied, which are already of a quite limited size (from 9 to 10 hectares in average).
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