Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía

Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía

Zainak. Cuadernos de Antropología-Etnografía

Author[s]: Rubio-Ardanaz, Juan A.... [et al.]

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This issue of Zainak collects a series of works in which various central themes are emphasised. On one hand the social construction of identity and its demonstration through situations in which the authors and authoresses analyse aspects like the importance of religious, political and festive theatre, the construction of a Basque identity in Québec and the identitary hagiographic configuration in Navarre. It also contains reflections in relation with the frontier culture in cases in which smuggling turns out to be a form of material resource that brings about specific manifestations, relations and forms of conceiving reality. There is a second concern that is configured by analysing festive rituals in cases in which attention is emphasised towards the role, function and meaning of animals, as well as in connection to rituals of social purification in which the exemplifying burning of symbolic characters is carried out. Also, in this new issue of Zainak, there is a direct mention to traditional practices in the veterinary field, as well as an analysis of various configuration aspects in the use and management of field resources.




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