Eleria, Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Eleria. Euskal Herriko Legelarien Aldizkaria

Author[s]: Egilea: Esnaola Berriozabalgoitia, Maria ? [et al.]

Publication year:
192 or. : ir. ; 30 cm.


Five articles appear in the Features section of the 22nd issue of Eleria. They are: Maria Esnaola?s "Co-operatives: the importance of members and their juridical status"; Juana Goizueta?s "Immigration and Integration: reflections on integration schemes, in particular"; Eneko Etxeberria?s "Main problems of private prosecution and what the future holds"; Iñigo Urrutia?s "New services market: re-regulated or de-regulated?"; and Aitor Zurimendia?s "Notaries? compensation funds". In addition, many interesting pieces of work have been included in the Rulings and Courts, Chronicles, and Comments sections. Particularly noteworthy in the Legal Basque section is the first part of the translation into Basque of the Code of Hammurabi; the interview given by Juan Churruca (GB); and, in the Classical section, Winfried Hassemer?s analysis of the work "Grundlinien einer personalen Rechtsgutlehre". The last pages of this issue cover News, Bibliography, Theses, and Laws in the process of being passed.




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