Euskonews is the Internet electronic publication on Basque science and culture that EI-BSS has been publishing since 1998. Since EI-BSS is aware of the importance of the new communication formats, it has promoted this publication, thus opening the window to the whole world through which to show Basque scientific reality, in an agile and simple language.

  • Conseil de Rédaction:
Arantza Cuesta
Eva Nieto
Juan Aguirre
Leire Gaceo
Miren Etxabe

List of collection's publications

Title Number Date
Euskonews 768 1998
Badok 13 4 2008
Euskonews & Media. 100 ale (1998-2000) 2 2000
Euskonews & Media 98-99 1 1998
Euskal Artisautza / Artesanía Vasca 0 2004


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