La sociedad de la información y los canales de distribución en el sector bancario

XIV Basque Studies Congress:  Donostia, Bilbo, Gasteiz, Iruñea, Baiona, Madril, 1997. Society of Information

Etxebarria, Carmen

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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Existing structural conditions in the banking market make it increasingly difficult and inefficient to widen the capacity of distribution by following only the traditional model of opening more "clonical offices". In fact, each one of the alternative distribution channels provides banking entities with different readings as they offer the consumer different attributes. The objective of the report is to analyse the evolution of the various channels of communication that emerge under the aegis of the new technologies. This also implies an alteration in traditional sale outlets (banking offices), as the principal exponent of the banking relationship. Furthermore, telephonic banking is analysed as a new emerging channel that has a considerable impact on the relationship between customer and banking entity.
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