Pierre Haristoy. Historia Jardunaldia. Journée d´Histoire

Pierre Haristoy. Historia Jardunaldia. Journée d´Histoire

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Piarres Haristoy occupies a noteworthy place in the historiography of the northern Basque Country in the 20th century. This is why we organised a conference for reflection and research which we dedicated to him in his home village, Aiherra, in 2001, in the centenary of his death. Most of the works were monographic and deal with the history of the northern Basque Country. But they are also points of reference so as to be able to approach general situations better, like Xipri Arbelbide?s work on Priest Larreguy, that by Dominique Robin on San Juan de Luz, that by Patrick Castoreo on education, or that by Claude Mehats on Basque emigration. On the other hand, Ms. Yvette Cardaillac has the merit of dealing with a matter that has not been the object of much study: the subject of religious minorities in P. Haristoy?s work. Reference to the personality of P. Haristoy and the aspects of his historiographic production, Piarres Xarritton and Pascal Goñi contribute two different points of view, that are not contrary but complementary, which help us understand better the influence exercised by the Catholic Church in the northern Basque Country during the 19th century.




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