Ahozkotasunetik euskal hirian murgildu zen antropologoa

Joxemartin Apalategi Begiristainen oroimenez = En recuerdo de Joxemartin Apalategi Begiristain = À la mèmoire de Joxemartin Apalategi Begiristain [on line]

Apalategi Begiristain, Jokin

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Donostia-San Sebastián

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How did Joxemartin develop his thought to produce the anthropological heritage he has bequeathed? I have picked up a magnifying glass and immersedmyself in his childhood and in the agents of his socialization (relatives, church, school, friends and society close to him). His youth was a period of rift and transition owing to the contradictions between what he had received until then from popular sources and what he acquired from the seminary. After the age of twenty-one, in adult hood, inwhat i have called the period of personalisation, a new phase gradually matured. After referring to his achievements and failures, i have recalled, by way of addition, the breadth of his training, and when it came to taking action, the chosen associations for participating in cultural activities.
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