Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Archivo General de Navarra (1349-1387) III. Documentación Real de Carlos II (1364-1365)

Archivo General de Navarra (1349-1387) III. Documentación Real de Carlos II (1364-1365)

Author[s]: Ruiz San Pedro, Mª Teresa

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This volume collects 476 documents corresponding to the reign of Charles II of Navarre between 1364 and 1365 and which are preserved in the Section of Accounts, Loose Documents and Records of the General Archives of Navarre. It continues the series begun in volumes 76 and 82 of the Collection of Medieval Documental Sources of the Basque Country. Within Charles II?s reign (1349-1387) this period is characterized by its great complexity; Carlos II had to face problems in France, where his territories were in danger due to the pressure which was exerted on them by the King of France, which is clearly demonstrated by the Navarran defeat at Cocherel (1364). On the other hand, in the peninsula there is a civil war in Castille that has repercussions in all the Hispanic kingdoms. These events were to influence Navarran policy, since, among other effects, they were to provoke a serious economic crisis as is reflected in the documentation. In these documents, the internal matters of the kingdom, especially those of an economic nature (payment orders, remittances, retinue grants, etc., and documents on the organization of the Chamber of Accounts). The documents collected here therefore have a great interest for the knowledge of the history, organization and administration of the Kingdom of Navarre in the Lower Middle Ages.




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