Fuentes Documentales Medievales del País Vasco

Archivo General de Navarra. Sección de Comptos. Registro Nº 7 (1300)

Archivo General de Navarra. Sección de Comptos. Registro Nº 7 (1300)

Author[s]: Ciganda Elizondo, Roberto

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Donostia : Eusko Ikaskuntza, 2006
XLIII, 218, LXXXVI or. ; 23 cm. - (Fuentes documentales medievales del País Vasco / Aingeru Zabalak zuzendua ; 129)
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This edition and its previous study cover the last of the accountancy registers of the Kingdom of Navarre in the 13th century, and thus closes the cycle of the oldest such registers. Because of its wealth, it also constitutes an irreplaceable testimony for the study of the inflexion brought about by the transit to the 14th century in that Kingdom. It is in that moment when the first symptoms of the late-medieval crises are detected in a territory that dynastically is connected to France, and that is subordinated to strategies and interests from beyond the Pyrenees and that is subjected to various administrative adjustments by distant monarchs that make every effort to consolidate and reinforce royal authority.




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