Casa Torre de Galartza (Aretxabaleta) : de torre a caserío pasando por palacio: evolución, acomodación y deterioro : conclusiones y bibliografía

Revisión del Arte Medieval en Euskal Herria = Erdi Aroko Artearen berrikusketa Euskal Herrian = Révision de l

Ibañez Etxeberria, Alex
; Moraza Barea, Alfredo
; Uribarri Agirrebengoa, Eloísa

Publication year:
Publication place:
Donostia-San Sebastián

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The Galartza Towerhouse, in 1990, suffered a fire wich left only the walls standing. The archaelogical activity performed before the actual restoration was performed in three different complementary sections: field work study of existing physical structures, and the appropiate investigation of pertinent records. The stratigraphic reading of the walls, based on the structural changes produced an evolutionary proposal. This being divided into six different phases, wich dates from the construction of the Tower to the burning down of the complex in 1990. Changes that we will try to explain based on the existing documents
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